Anticoagulation Forum Literature Update
The Anticoagulation Forum’s Literature Update includes citations identified from PubMed, curated and chosen by our Centers of Excellence team based on their utility for anticoagulation practitioners and then categorized by topic. This list is updated twice a month by our ACE team of volunteers. Our database is searchable by date, author, title, and keywords and the most impactful articles are identified with a star.

Tips for Users:
For some articles, by hovering over the title, a short summary will appear. The abstract button will allow you to preview the article abstract within the site and the PubMed link brings you to the PubMed page. Categories on the left show articles by topic including a grouping of those authored by our Board of Directors, Advisory Council, and Centers of Excellence Committee members. For questions regarding this resource, contact Anna Nilsson at [email protected].

Want more?
Each month our editorial team will do a deep dive into several of the articles and provide specific information and Rapid Takeways in our Rapid Recap Newsletter, updated monthly.

If you would like to learn more about how to evaluate the literature and utilize it in practice, check out our Rapid Resource Evaluation of Comparative Therapy Literature, July 2023 and companion training video on this topic Video outline of Rapid Resource: Evaluation of Comparative Therapy Literature.

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