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Why Become a Center of Excellence?

The landscape of anticoagulation is advancing, evolving and changing. Until now, there has not been a comprehensive standard to define ideal practices for an anticoagulation service. In addition, there has not been a central place to find the best tools and resources. By becoming an Anticoagulation Center of Excellence, you will have the opportunity to assess your service using an up-to-date, comprehensive standard. You will be able to identify specific areas where your service can improve and be given specific resources to focus your service in those areas.

Patients get the best care when they partner with their healthcare providers. Healthcare professionals contribute to the best patient outcomes when there are processes in place to ensure the highest level of care. The Anticoagulation Centers of Excellence program will help your service improve its overall quality of patient care.

If you complete the assessment, with no recommended improvements to your service, you will be awarded 3-year recognition as a Center of Excellence. If you do not meet all of the criteria to be recognized as a Center of Excellence, the program will provide a list of recommended resources to help you reach the standard of excellence and be granted recognition.

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